Landscapes Landscapes The Deitz Home This commissioned painting was done for a man who wanted to give it to his wife on their anniversary. It is where they met and where he stold their first kiss when he was 17 and she was 16. 120505544 Waterrock Knob This painting was done on the Blue Ridge Parkway. As the artist was painting, she was approached by a woman who wanted to buy it. She was told that it would be in the MainStreet Artists Co-op the next week, framed and ready to go if she wanted to buy it then. She did. 120505546 Van Knoppen Lake and Remembering Bridge This painting was done for Quick Draw. Proceeds from the sale went to QD's support of art teachers in Haywood County and scholarships to students. 120505547 Mountain Peace This scene came to me while wondering what to do with a wide canvas. I hope is gives the peace I felt while painting it. It was named by my best friend from high school, Lynda. 125829158 St. John's Pass Boardwalk, Florida This painting was done for a businesswoman who lives near the Boardwalk. 120505849 Blue Mountain Monday Inspired by the Smoky Mountains. This painting was sold out of Cafe 50, Main St., Waynesville, NC to some nice tourists. 156856650